Operations & Growth Strategist

Anastasiia has a proven track record of successful launches of digital-based products and services. She transforms early-stage products into prolific high-tech ventures and market leaders.

  • Tell me about your background, what started your career and what are you doing now?

    I have 10 years of experience as an Operations & Growth Strategist. I was responsible for online projects launch on International scale - digital products and services, high-tech enterprises (in the field of Machine Learning, AI, IoT and others), social platforms, dating sites, financial applications, digital customer support services, etc. I mostly got this experience working in the American investment fund, where I was responsible for the direction of strategy & innovation.
    The first career steps I made in the United States more than 11 years ago, I began with off-line marketing for one of Maryland's largest entertainment complexes. Then the marketing path continued at the «home» of all European start-ups — the city of Berlin, where I was responsible for the product and online marketing strategy of the large-scale MVNO platform Yukoono, which was acquired by Panasonic. Next, also in Germany, I was in charge of creating the beta version and was responsible for launching a local discount business platform, which has been successfully sold (under the NDA) and is currently operating internationally.

I returned back to Ukraine, because I wanted to build high-quality online products at home.
  • After this project, I returned back to Ukraine, because I wanted to build high-quality online products at home. For 8.5 years, I have been running the Marketing and Product departments in a large number of projects (in some of them revenue grew by 200-400% per year, teams up to 500%), I was responsible for launching these projects internationally (more than 22 locations), I was Chief Strategic Officer at the International Investment Fund, where I was responsible for the Due Diligence process, and then for online marketing and mentoring of the startups in which our fund has invested.I am currently Chief Strategic Officer at the international company New Media Services, which is represented in more than 22 countries and employs around 3,200 professionals 16 offices around the world.
    In addition, I have a private consulting practice: I help companies in their evolutionary development. I lead organizations from an early stage of development through growth stages to become the large enterprises. I know how businesses can scale up through the new products development, expanding to the new markets, as well as creating enduring brands. Thanks to innovative marketing initiatives and business development strategies, I know how to turn digital products and services into successful market leaders.

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  • You have been in business for over 10 years now and are currently a top manager. Did you plan to create your own business? What are the pros and cons for you in the choice between corporate world and business?

    I have definitely considered that.
    First of all, I have my own consulting agency which works with startups, outsourcing and out staff companies, middle-size product and marketing companies, where alongside with other tasks we build strategic marketing and product development plans for our clients, as well as helping businesses to fill all documentation required to attract investments.
    Secondly, I regularly make angel investments in those projects that I sincerely believe in.
    Thirdly, for 3 years I had my own fashion brand «1%», which I decided to close because of regular business trips to other countries. Unfortunately, I couldn’t control the quality of the clothes remotely, and it is very important for me to deliver impeccable quality. I plan to get back to it later when my schedule becomes less intensive. I am also considering some interesting cooperation proposals and always open to new ideas.

I regularly make angel investments in those projects that I sincerely believe in.
  • What were the biggest lessons learned from the start of my career so far?

    1. Say «YES» to any opportunity. Even if the benefits are unclear in the short term2. Always remember that your team is your key to the success.3. Do not be afraid to ask for what you consider deserved for your work.4. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Learn on them. But try not to repeat them5. Trust your inner compass.
    And last but not least — learn something new every day and continue to always learn.

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  • Since our initiative is still about digitalization - share the digital tools that you use in your own professional and personal life.

    In this regard, I'm the real nerd :)
    Let's start with the fact that I have my own Virtual Assistant - this is a real person who is located somewhere in the world and performs time-consuming tasks, which do not require any special knowledge and skills (booking tickets, services, searching for online / offline information, which I can later use for my speeches or presentations, etc.). By the way, this is an example of the services provided by my company.
    Next — B2B. LinkedIn Sales Manager, GrowthLead, Zapier.Customer CRM — HubSpot.Chatbots — for business pages.E-mail marketing, SMS marketing tools.Trello and Jira — for tasks management.Google Calendar :)

  • Why did you decide to support the Digital Women 2020 initiative?

    Recent studies have found that girls' self-esteem reaches a peak at the age of nine, and probably never returns to the same mark. The epidemic in our society, which I would even consider public health problem, is finally discussed in a broader sense; usually it requires the actions that help our girls and women feel «empowered».
    But in this process there is a lack of women — strong women, who are there already! Strong women who are not afraid to be «loud » and talk frankly about the importance of working diligently for the fulfillment of professional goals, bypassing gender stereotypes and obstacles.
    Women can be effective agents of change when they are empowered. And both men and women can commit themselves to achieving gender parity faster. Now is the time to invest in the social and economic well-being of women, helping them to create a successful and healthy lifestyle for themselves, their families and their communities, now and for future generations. I believe that Digital Women 2020 is the right place if I want to «shout out loudly» and help other women.

  • What has changed most since the moment of receiving the position of top manager? In a way of life, a way of thinking, towards oneself.

    It was a long time ago :) I think, the main change — I have started to always put the interests of the company (and it means employees) first and count on numbers in the first place.
    I also became more attentive to my free time and on how I spend it. At some point, a few years ago, I «tore up the bandaid» of all personal relationships that did not bring any satisfaction joy. It was one of the most courageous and one of the most useful steps in my personal development in my life. But the new people who appeared in my life after that — it's a treasure!

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  • During the work as the top manager, did you feel the effect of stereotypes as a woman who manages a technology company?

    Yes, but I do not like to concentrate on this.On the contrary, today I know for sure why I am being valuable and respected for in the business world, but of course I remember what it costed to me to gain it. Focus on the things which can help you to grow professionally (knowledge, skills,), rather than what someone will think or say about you.

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  • What do you think most interferes with, but which on the contrary helps women in business and in the process of creating it?

    I do not support this stereotypical way of thinking with the division into genders.However, based on psychological readings and personal observations, I would like to highlight as the «+» the ability to be flexible and easily accept changes, but as a «-» — a lack of self-control and emotionality.

  • What principles and values ​​help you to succeed not only in your work, but also in your personal life?

    I try not to divide my principles into those that can be applied only in the office, and on those that I apply only in the family. It all depends on the situation.1. I respect myself and respect the people around me.2. I love — people who surround me; things I do; the tasks that I am trying to solve.3. I strive to new — knowledge, skills, experience and successful people.4. Prioritize — private and professional.5. Analyze and acknowledge — victories and losses, ups and downs

I love people who surround me; things I do; the tasks that I am trying to solve.
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  • What are your achievements you are proud of?

    I am one of those people who celebrates big and small victories (and often with the glass of champagne!). At different stages of my life I had different goals, priorities and when, achieving them, I felt proud. In general, I am proud of the fact that I am a realistic optimist who will always stand up 1 times more than I fall.

  • What are you reading now? What kind of book would be advised to read every woman starting their professional career?

    I try to read 1-2 books every month and can read 2-3 books at the same time. Now it is: 1. Memoirs by Michelle Obama. 2. International Journal of Obesity.
    I recommend to read more in general and do not consider Instagram as a worthy reading platform.

In general, I am proud of the fact that I am a realistic optimist.
  • One advice for participants in our initiative?

    The greatest value is to have access to someone’s knowledge and experience which were already received and analyzed. This is one of the most important principles in Silicon Valley. Do not waste time — ask for advice, consult and seek easy answers to your questions from those who have already taken this path; value your time and use it very carefully.