Call for partners

On this page, you have the opportunity to combine efforts with members of our community - to find a partner or investor for a new business or get advice on entering a new market.

Andrew Shimmer

CMO to the Craft Cosmetics Brand

FounderVictoria Stolyarenko

I am engaged in building a brand of natural craft cosmetics, to satisfy the needs of people with busy lives. I am looking for a partner that can take on marketing and sales. Email me moc.liamg%40airotciv.okneraylotS

Ann Maisner

Product Sales

Co-founderElena Kitay-Gora

I am looking for a partner who can sell women's accessories - a flashlight for a BimBim handbag. Who's up to date, email me at moc.liamg%40arog.yatik.anel

Tomas Abbar

Co-founder for the Women's Socks Brand

FounderAngela Rudenko

I dream to create my own brand of sexy women's socks from lace. I am looking for a designer with the skills of a seamstress, taking a business part myself. Email me at moc.liamg%40alehznadev

Andrew Shimmer

Co-founder of the Massage Salon

FounderNatalia Lyashenko

I want to open my own massage salon in Kiev, I'm looking for a co-founder-masseuse. I can arrange customers attraction and marketing. In case you are interested, please write mу on moc.liamg%4039noililatan

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