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When someone asked me how I become an entrepreneur, I always say: "I did not choose to run a business, it chosen me." My first freelance was suggested by my mentor (I perceive her so), HR-Director - Inna Kovalenko. She is the person who changed my life without realizing it.

«I didn't choose to run a business, it chosen me»

Somehow, very soon, I got more customers than I could manage myself. I began to look for someone similar to me in order to get help. In this format we worked together for around a year. I had a great experience both with Ukrainian and international companies, in some of them I worked as HR-director on outsource.
At one point I was so tired that I decided: either I will leave everything, or I will find a way out of this situation. I began to look for helpers again. So in June 2017 my former colleague — Julia Kot — responded, but we decided to bring it all to a different level. It was her support and faith that inspired me to go forward. It is also easier to start a business, in parallel raising the children, who at that time was only 2 years old.
As partners, we started experimenting with CRM-systems, even developing our site independently, choosing the customers with whom we were comfortable, expanding the team, setting up the operation part of the business.
Indeed, we had doubts about the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, but quickly realized that we were moving in the right direction. Very soon we earned our first million UAH. We doubted, we broke ourselves, our fears, the setting, but went forward.

«We were doubting, we were getting rid of our fears, but we were moving forward»

The business idea emerged on its own, but the style and logo was offered by Julia Kot. Over the time, our company has become a creative HR full-service agency. We offer clients not only recruitment, but also further support of employees. We do not forget about the candidate after his employment. We helped one foreign company to recruit staff from scratch to launch an office in Kyiv. In addition, we develop tests for personnel assessment, trainings for employees and business owners, and work with internationally renowned companies. The plans are to increase the effectiveness of the direction of organizing corporate events.
The greatest lessons we received in the process of creating your business were: self-confidence; ability to refuse cooperation with clients who do not share our perception of the world; understanding that there are recessions and this is normal; have become more flexible, and somewhere, on the contrary - have learned to defend their beliefs; and most importantly - we started to think "out of the box".

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Regarding business digitalization: we use the CleverStaff recruiting management system, we have completed the website, after the independent attempts, by the help of Weblium. They also set up corporate e-mail for us. Now we are planning to focus on marketing in social networks.

We have also started developing an online platform that should change the recruitment approach and facilitate this process for companies in all areas of business. The present is no longer the same as before: people began to choose their place of work more thoroughly. In the IT sphere, for example, there is the fact that the proposals are more than willing to respond. At one point I was in despair and wondered why there was no such platform that would help solve this problem at least in part. On Wednesday, I thought about this and on Friday we had already signed the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and a contract with developers of Crystall Production to develop the product. By the way, we recommend these guys to everyone. Julia and I are very pleased with their motivation, faith, support and creativity.

Now all our hopes, revenues and forces are directed there. Yes, I can say clearly: I never felt so happy, despite the 16-hour working day, fatigue and sometimes it's shocking :)

«I've never felt so happy, despite the 16-hour working day, fatigue and sometimes shock»

The beta release is scheduled for May 2019.
You can find out more about us on the page in Facebook, LinkedIn and on our website.

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