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How many employees do I need as a minimum to open a small bakery?

As a minimum? I would say two.

You can not manage your retail business efficiently on your own. What to do if one day you feel sick or have to attend a dentist?

Two people who will be able to stand your back would be enough for a start. In the future, you will figure out the needed number of employees depending on your everyday tasks.

Is a website necessary for a small local business?

In my opinion, there is no excuse for not having a website, even if it's not used for doing business directly.

Clients use the internet primarily when looking for products and services. If you do not have an online presence, your potential customers will have no choice but to go to the websites of your competitors.

This is especially true for small local businesses competing for the share of the local market.

What is the importance of accounting for a startup business owner?

Consultation with an accountant is a very important step in creating a business. They will explain how to register a company properly and how to pay taxes.

For a small business, it will be more suitable to use the services of an accounting firm rather than a personal accountant.

Keep in mind that doing bookkeeping yourself is a rather risky endeavor.

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Creative HR full-time agency CleverLand

When someone asked me how I became an entrepreneur, I always say: "I did not choose to run a business, but it chosen me." The business idea emerged on its own. Over the time, our company has become a creative HR full-service agency. We offer clients not only recruitment, but also further support of employees. We do not forget about the candidate after his employment.

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Local Foodie — a family-run craft
dry-cured sausage production

My husband and I make craft dry-cured chorizo sausages here, at the seafront of the Odessa region. It was our dream - to create a family production that will become a small step towards the big goal - turning Odessa region into our Ukrainian Andalusia or Tuscany, whichever you'd prefer :) 

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Looking for partners

Product Sales Specialist

Co-founder - Elena Kitay-Gora

I am looking for a partner who can sell women's accessories - a flashlight for a BimBim handbag. Who's up to date, email me at moc.liamg%40arog.yatik.anel

Co-founder of the Massage Salon

Founder - Natalia Lyashenko

I want to open my own massage salon in Kiev, I'm looking for a co-founder-masseuse. I can arrange customers attraction and marketing. In case you are interested, please write mу on moc.liamg%4039noililatan

Co-founder for the Women's Socks Brand

Founder - Angela Rudenko

I dream to create my own brand of sexy women's socks from lace. I am looking for a designer with the skills of a seamstress, taking a business part myself. Email me at moc.liamg%40alehznadev

CMO to the Craft Cosmetics Brand

Founder - Victoria Stolyarenko

I am engaged in building a brand of natural craft cosmetics, to satisfy the needs of people with busy lives. I am looking for a partner that can take on marketing and sales. Email me moc.liamg%40airotciv.okneraylotS