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Who can become a member?

Beginning entrepreneurs

New business founders
- less than one year in business


Founders or co-founders who are looking to digitize their established business

Self-employed women

Lawyers, architects, consultants, accountants, teachers, etc

Why should I join?

  • Bring business to a qualitatively higher levelFacilitate business management processes with the help of modern technologies
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    Acquire the valuable skills and abilitiesGet high-quality expertise in business development and support provided by 1,000,000 successful women
  • Become part of the global communityCollaborate with community members from all over the world - share experiences, support and inspire each other, discover new opportunities for your business

Stories of our members

Asya Kuchina

LOCAL FOODIE — craft dry-cured sausage family business

«By my example, I would like to inspire the women who are engaged in the entrepreneurship not to be afraid to develop their business – establish its online presence, experiment with the promotion channels. The Digital Women 2020 initiative is the right choice for this»


Still have questions?

Daria KoviCoordinator for the Initiative

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