BeautyPro - the #1 beauty business management service in Ukraine, become our partners

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We are very proud to announce a new partnership with BeautyPro - the #1 beauty business management service in Ukraine.

More than 1500 beauty salons use Beauty Pro for work on a daily basis. Among users of BeautyPro service are world-renowned salon networks such as Dessange, Backstage, Frederic Moreno, Camille Albane, VT Style, CutMe Studio, and many others.

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Our partnership with BeautyPro began with a shared goal of developing business with the help of modern management tools.

With BeautyPro software you can automate:

• online recording
• work schedules management
• mobile app for employees
• product sales reports
• account for consumables
• payroll and bonus payments
• SMS and e-mail
• advanced business management reports.

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BeautyPro is an indispensable assistant for beauty business owners who want to improve their team efficiency, gain and retain customers of their salon, improve service quality, motivate the employees, save time and money.
And by combining BeautyPro with the power of our Digital Women 2020 platform, you will be able to achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.
Learn more about the results of our collaboration with BeautyPro and the opportunities they provide on our Facebook page :)