GenderMuseum supports the Digital Women 2020 initiative

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We want to introduce our partner - the Kharkiv interactive Museum of Women's and Gender History. Its unique museum collection is constantly growing and now comprises about 3,000 exhibits.
The exhibitions allow you to feel how gender construction is realized in society, expose the plentiful manipulations and myths about gender models, showcase the ways gender stereotypes are replicated, and how they can be destroyed.

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There are more than 60 such museums around the world, with the common goal being to attract the attention of broad sections of the public to gender problems. In 2016, the museum became a part of the Gender Culture Centre, which was created with the support of the European Foundation for Democracy.
Thanks to the support of the European Union, the Gender Museum is able to move into new premises that will become a creative space for cultural dialogue. The project team is planning to turn a new spacious building into an exposition hall, a place for permanent exhibitions, a "women room" with hi-tech effects, a conference room for workshops and discussions, and a children's room.
The place requires major repairs, which, in its turn, need a vast amount of resources. We invite you to support this important cause and take part in the crowdfunding campaign of the Museum.
On September 30, 2018, the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development Center was launched. It aims to support women entrepreneurs by providing them with tools that help them improve their business efficiency, scale their businesses, and enter the EU market.

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